Fall brings new vegetables to the stand.  We continue to carry a variety of vegetables, sweet corn and tomatoes as long as possible.  You will begin to see fall squash, apples, cider, and pumpkins at the stand.  To help you decorate for October events, gourds, mini pumpkins and other fall decorations are available starting mid September.  Some of the products are listed in the table below.

We celebrate the cooler weather in October with our corn maze and pumpkin patch.  Groups are welcome during the week in addition to the weekends. 

Give us a call or email us to schedule your group for the corn maze and pumpkin picking.






Cider Tomatoes & Sweet Corn

Corn maze weekends in October

Pumpkins Beets

Pumpkins patch weekends in October

Winter Squash



Herbs & Greens




Kale & Chard


Onions & Potatoes


Eggplant and Peppers