Hours: Jan - May

10 - 4
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
10 - 4
10 - 4

Our farm eggs are available Fri through Sun from 10-4 through our self serve process. You can see the chickens and rabbits when you come by for eggs.  Hector, our mini horse, and Pippen and Frodo, our Nigerian Drawf goats, will be outside on the weekends as the weather warms up.

We are CLOSED to the public Mon-Thu preparing the fields, planting vegetables and mowing hay.  There is alot of activity moving equipment around so we ask that you only come on site Fri-Sun.

Please remember pets are not allowed on the farm for the protection of our livestock as well as consideration for other customers.  Thank you for respecting our farm.

We are now hiring for the growing season - May through Oct - check our employment page