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Wednesday 10 - 6
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We are open 5 days a week this season, closed on Monday and Tuesday. 

We are now open until 6 on Sunday.

Our NEW phone number is active - 908-647-0004.  Please make a note of the change or pick up new business cards at the stand. 

Come see our market well stocked with fresh vegetables and fruit from our farm, our neighbor - Harrison Brook Farm - certified organic, and other local vendors. We have corn, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, peppers, beets, peaches, plums, sweet cherries, watermelon, eggs and more.

This year we applied for organic certification and were able certify our hay fields and pasture, over 55 acres, through NJ Department of Agriculture and recieved the fields approval for this year.  Our vegetable and corn maze fields were certified as Transitional Sustainable in recognition that we have successfully completed 1 year of operation following the organic regulations and are in transition to becoming certified organic along with the approval for the current year.  Under the National Organic Program it takes 3 years of following the organic regulations to become certified organic.  More information on the certification programs will be posted on this website and at the stand. 

Our animals are here for your enjoyment, trying to stay cool as we move into the summer heat.  You will remember Pippen and Frodo, our two Nigerian dwarf goats, Hector, our miniature horse, and our rabbits from last year.  Our bantam hens and loud roosters are in the pen next to the rabbits and will greet you on your arrival.  Don't forget our laying hens, producing fresh eggs every day.  They are out and about in their yard sunning themselves, hunting insects and taking dust baths.   Around the corner from the hens are the pigs, actively making and taking mud baths. 

Hope to see you soon at the farm.

Please remember pets are not allowed on the farm for the protection of our livestock as well as consideration for other customers.  Thank you for respecting our farm.